HAPPY 2017

Birthday Smiles ended 2016 in it's usual grand manner. The parties during the Holidays, starting with Halloween, always take on a extra layer of fun. Halloween at the Colfax Community Network was particularly awesome. We provided costumes again this year for all the kiddos and face painting by Adriana and Angie. I have never seen a larger group of joyous children at one time. What an extraordinary time they all had.  Angela Richburg continues to spearhead the parties at Comitis and Access Housing each and every month. That is some crazy shopping she has to do.  Speaking of crazy shopping, we had 7 birthdays in Nov. at CCN, out of 25 children. I thought that was statistically impossible, but guess not!

I like to start each year with gratitude. 2016 was an amazing year to be grateful for. My consistent and wonderful volunteers, who show up every month; Mickie and Rich, Jin, Ann and Angela, could not have done any of this without you.  The selfless face painters, magicians, jugglers, PE Teachers, Circus School kiddos, storytellers, animal trainers, cup stackers, yoga instructors, who have donated their talents to this very deserving group of children. And to my amazing cake bakers, Valerie and Danielle, who show up every month, rain or shine, sick or not, to delivery these culinary treats to make these parties just so much more special, THANK YOU.  And last but certainly not least, to all of you who donated to Birthday Smiles this year, you kindness, generosity and huge hearts are appreciated more than I can ever express. Thank you for keeping our candles lit for over 8,000 children since 2009!

To see a video made by Angela and Andrew Richburg that helps you understand the impact we have on one of the facilities we serve, take a look at the top of this post.

Someone once said "A great Non-Profit doesn't fix problems, it reveals the power of the community to solve them"

Party On

Rise Justice/Director