Fall 2017

Birthday Smiles continues to Party with our four Partners; Colfax Community Network, Family Tree House of Hope, Comitis Crisis Center, and Access Housing. So far this year we have celebrated with over 900 children, with 80 birthdays among those children.  The birthday lists we get from these children are heartwarming and to see the joy on their faces when they get those special gifts and the gratitude from their parents always sends us home knowing we are doing some very important work. As one little girl, 9 Yr old Amanda, said "This is the best day of my whole life".

We will continue to try and make all of these children feel special and loved. With the end of the year ahead and knowing that most of our funding comes around the holidays, I encourage all of you to keep Birthday Smiles in your giving circle. Like I have always said, it does not take a lot to keep us going since we are a 100% volunteer organization, but like any nonprofit, fundraising is key to our success. Gifts, and these wonderful parties are expensive, and you, as a community have always helped us to achieve our goal. My heart is full every day with the most wonderful, generous people who support us.  So, this Holiday Season, please let the companies you work for know about Birthday Smiles, most all of them have a Christmas giving program, and I believe ours is a compelling story. Over 9,500 children since 2009 have been the recipient of all the kindness and generosity we can give them, help us continue to do that.

Thank you to all my volunteers, donors, and all the people that drop supplies at my house to make these parties as special as they are.  You are amazing!

Party On

Rise Justice/ Director