July 2015

Birthday Smiles is 6 years old!  Hard to believe this started with a small idea and blossomed into an organization that has served over 6,000 children in 7, soon to be 8, shelters in the Denver Metro Area.  This was accomplished because of so many kind and generous people, organizations, and corporations.  Each and every month, I am beyond grateful for all of the donations and time given to us by so many: 

  1. Jim Elliot Christian School who honors us consistently with the most amazing crafts and gifts to give to our kiddos. (my standard refrain is "How do they do that!?)
  2. Brent's Place who donated so many of their excess toys that I thought it was Christmas
  3. Elizabeth Souders who drove from Parker with new toys
  4. Zack L aka Batman who donated his awesome talents and Batmobile to entertain our children at CCN (see picture)
  5. Bryant Vander Weerd of Fox 31 News who filmed us at CCN for a piece on the local news.  His caring and thoroughness and expert editing brought the mission of Birthday Smiles to a new audience. The video is posted on the website.
  6. The Renaissance School who brought the children at CCN their expertise in Cup Stacking. What a fun day! (Picture)
  7. Edison Elementary who donated their Penny Harvest to Birthday Smiles , an extraordinary group of children!
  8. Jackson Kelly Law Firm collecting books and donations, thank you Laura Hackney!
  9. Kohls Department Store, for their generous $ donation and blankets to keep our little ones warm at night. Thank you Kathy Krajewski!
  10. Kizmet, an accessory store, for honoring us as their charity of the month in February
  11. COPIC for continuing to support us every year.
  12. Kay Wright and friends for all the filled party bags they have supplied for such a long time.
  13. Karen Gutierrez and the ECHO foundation of Northrop Grumman and I know she gets tired of me saying this, but you are our Angel on Earth!
  14. Renee Statham who remembers us with every paycheck
  15. The Mormon Church who assembled the most amazing party bags I have every seen.
  16. Rihanna Grant who donated the gifts from her 5th Birthday Party to Birthday Smiles, because she thought other children would need them more than she would.  She takes my Sweetheart of the Month Award!
  17. Thank you Brooke and Grace Sommers for stepping in and helping at Comitis along with the Richburgs, your hearts are huge!

Plus so many individual donors, thank you does not seem sufficient. But.....THANK YOU!  Angela Richburg and family continue to organize the party at the Comitis Center and are starting a Birthday Smiles party at a new location in Commerce City, Access Housing. They are amazing and we are so lucky they have adopted Birthday Smiles with all their hard work .Colfax Community Network and Family Tree House of Hope also continue to celebrate with us monthly with help from Mickie Archuleta, Lisa Kutner and Jin Loehmeier.

Those wonderful "Denver Cycle" Ladies" at Hamburger Mary's are honoring us again on August 14th with their Bingo. If you want a good laugh, join us and support the cause.  And Remember, when buying things on AMAZON, and we all do, make your purchase through AMAZON SMILES in honor of Birthday Smiles. Doesn't cost you a thing and we get money from each purchase.

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