Summer is Almost Over for 2016

Hi to all My Party Animals

Birthday Smiles continues to celebrate with over 100 children per month. I am guessing that if you are reading this you also got my email asking for funds. Up until now we have gotten along well without having to ask you for much due to some very generous people.  As of today we have received over $6,000, 5 months of operating costs. What makes this remarkable is that it came from 6% of our supporters. You know who you are and your generosity is appreciated more that I can say.  For those of you still waiting, go ahead and hit that donate button. The end of the year is big for us. We try to make the children's holidays special. Especially Halloween when we get costumes for all the children at CCN. That was a remarkable day last year and we will remember that for years to come.

I get a lot of questions about used toys and why we won't take them.  I realize that these wonderful children spend their lives getting hand me downs and used everything. I want their birthdays to be that one time that they get something they want, that is new and shiny. Nothing brings this home for me like the following encounter. One little 8 yr. old girl wanted mostly clothes for her birthday, being very specific of style/color etc.  I did my best and got her some lovely outfits for school.  When she dug through her birthday bag, her first comment was,  "Look Mom, they all still have tags on them!"  Kind of broke my heart.  So until we run out of money, they will get "new".

Thank all of you again for caring about Birthday Smiles, you are our backbone.

Party On

Rise Justice/Director